The Refuge at Mała Rawka

Obiekt PTTKOur mountain hostel is situated in the Bieszczady Mountains, one of the most extreme South-Eastern parts of Poland. Located at the height of 930 m above sea level, at the foot of Mała Rawka (1272 m), the refuge marks a point on the green trail crossing the territory of the Bieszczady National Park. Polish, Slovak and Ukrainian borders meet in the proximity of the hut, on Kremenaros Mtn.

Połonina Caryńska

This one is a wooden two-storey building situated far from civilisation. It cannot be accessed directly by private cars, which must be left at the car park located 900 m downhill at the Wyżniańska Col (Przełęcz Wyżniańska) on the big Bieszczady ring road (there are two Bieszczady ring roads, big and small one).

The hostel is the venue of various events, such as hikers' reunions; concerts of bands and bards of tourist songs and poetry; as well as a series of slide shows of Poland's and world's mountains.

The refuge is run by Michał Klażyński.

Wielka Rawka - Bieszczady

Basic information

The refuge is open throughout the year. It offers 27 beds in private rooms and in dormitories. You should have your own sleeping bag with you. In the ground floor there is a common/dining room with the fireplace, as well as the reception and the kitchen serving a small number of tasty meals. Bathrooms are located in the basement.

Those who travel with their sleeping bags and foam pads can also choose to sleep on the floor (in the corridors or the common room). This form of accommodation is guaranteed no matter what, although its standard varies according to the number of guests. You can also put up your tent on the ground surrounding the hut.

We welcome all kinds of tourists - backpackers for one night and those who wish to stay longer. We also accept groups, provided they book in advance. Generally booking is advisable for popular holidays (1 May, Corpus Christi, 15 August, 11 November National Holiday, and the New Year's Eve).

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Autumn or winter

If you plan a visit us in autumn or winter, remember that mountain weather conditions are usually harsher than in the lowlands. Take into account the rapid nightfall and the fact that the duration of walks featuring on maps and in guides is the duration estimated on a sunny summer day for hikers without heavy rucksacks. Consult the weather forecast before leaving home.

For an autumn/winter outing take insulating and wind-proof clothes, head wear, gloves, a thermos, sweets, a flashlight/headlamp, a rescue blanket, a charged mobile phone and a map. It is easier to walk in the snow if you are equipped with trekking poles and gaiters.

Bacówka Pod Małą Rawką

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    +48 504 170 127
    We do not support sms.

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    The hut Bacówka is located in Bieszady mountains - the wildest mountains in Poland (in the south-east of the country) - between Wetlina village and Ustrzyki Górne - see the map.
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    900m fron hte hut. At the Wyżniańska Col at the car park of the Bieszczady National Park.

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    Open all year

    The refuge offers 27 beds in private rooms and in dormitories. You can also put up your tent on the ground surrounding the hut.

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    Prices / person

    Room/dormitory 50-60 PLN.
    Mattress/floor 25 PLN.
    Camping 15-20 PLN.
    Extra charge for bed sheets 15 PLN.
    According to local regulations, guests staying over 1 day should pay a climate fee of 1,60 PLN/night.
    Credit Cards accepted. We accept Euro.

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    Reception hours: 8 a.m. - 10 p.m.
    Kitchen: 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
    Checkout: 12 p.m.
    Breakfast: not included.
    Boiling water if you have your own mug.
    Lockers: no. Lockout: no.

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    Snow shoes

    You can rent snow shoes here.

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    Possibilities for trips

    The hostel is a perfect stop for those who make the Połoniny trail or the border trail (połoniny are alpine meadows characteristic of the region; the term also functions as a proper name for some ranges of Bieszczady). Those planning to stay a few days can explore the most beautiful parts of the Bieszczady National Park. Farther trips are feasible by car or by bus: the Valley of the San river; the highest peak of Bieszczady, Tarnica (1346 m a.s.l.); Cisna and its picturesque surroundings. In winter the vicinity of the refuge also offers some of the best ski touring areas in Poland.

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    Mountain rescue

    The branches of the mountain rescue service (GOPR) are located in Sanok, Cisna, and Ustrzyki Górne. Emergency telephone number (GOPR): 985 or +48 601 100 300. EU emergency number: 112.

The Refuge at Mała Rawka opened in 1979. This small mountain hostel has been popular with tourists fond of active forms of holidays. There are ten hostels of this type in Polish mountains (3 in Bieszczady), usually run under the auspices of the Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society (PTTK).

How to get

By car

From central Poland: via Sanok and Lesko. Continue via Baligród, Cisna and Wetlina to Ustrzyki Górne. From Wetlina pass the Wyżna Col and go down the winding road to Berehy Górne. 11 km from Wetlina (3 km from Berehy Górne) you arrive at the car park of the Wyżniańska Col.

Other option: via Ustrzyki Dolne, Czarna and Lutowiska to Ustrzyki Górne. From Ustrzyki Górne continue in the direction of Wetlina. After 6 km you reach the Wyżniańska Col. It takes some km more than the first option but you will avoid the winding bits of the big ring road.

At the Wyżniańska Col you have to leave your car at the car park of the Bieszczady National Park. Those staying for the night can use the upper parking lot. Then you have to walk 900 m up the road marked as the green trail to Mała Rawka.

By bus

Majority of long-distance buses arrive at Sanok. Then you have to change for a local bus. They will take you to Wetlina or to Ustrzyki Górne. In high season you can arrive directly at the Wyżniańska Col (Wyżniański Wierch) bus stop. Off season it is simplest to get off in Ustrzyki Górne and walk 6 km to the Wyżniańska Col.

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On foot

From the Wyżniańska Col (Przełęcz Wyżniańska):

  • 900 m (15 minutes) up by dirt road marked as the green trail to Mała Rawka
  • in winter it can take longer, depending on snow and road conditions

From Ustrzyki Górne:

  • by asphalt road to the Wyżniańska Col (6 km) and then 900 m by dirt road up to the refuge
  • by mountain trail via Wielka and Mała Rawka

From Wetlina:

  • by mountain trail via Połonina Wetlińska and Chatka Puchatka Refuge down to Berehy Górne and 3 km by asphalt road to the Wyżniańska Col and then 900 m by dirt road up to the refuge
  • by mountain trail via Dział and Mała Rawka

From Koliba Refuge (at Przysłop Caryński):

  • by mountain trail via Połonina Caryńska to the Wyżniańska Col
  • and then 900 m by dirt road up to the refuge

Połonina Wetlińska


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    If you plan to come by car in winter, remember that Bieszczady roads are seldom cleared of snow immediately. The road Ustrzyki Dolne-Ustrzyki Górne-Wyżniańska Col is kept in a better condition. Winter tyres are a must; chains can help; snow shovels make life easier. The road to the refuge takes longer in winter than in summer.